Laws and Ethics for Public Management

Laws and Ethics for Public Management - December 5-6, 2019 - this course explores ethics and basic legal responsibilities associated with managing in the public sector. Maintaining a balance between how the government administrator works and what the expectations are of the government agency for which they work is discussed in this course. This course will address the ethical tensions that may arise in sustaining that balance by addressing such questions as: What ethical issues does the government official and administrator face as they go about their day to ay work and responsibilities? How do they make appropriate choices when faced with an ethical issue? How can the governmental entity maintain a strong culture for professional ethics? Using a combination of guided discussion, case studies, and review of professional ethics issues, this course will address these topics and more. The Tenets of the ICMA Code of Ethics will be explored in the course and these tenets are also incorporated into all of the other courses in the curriculum.  

Central Alabama Electric Coop, 103 Jesse Samuel Hunt Blvd, Prattville 36066

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