ACCMA 2020 Winter Conference Registration

The ACCMA 2020 Winter Conference is being held January 22-24, 2020 at the Renaissance Ross Bridge, 4000 Grand Avenue in Birmingham, Alabama. The registration fee covers all conference sessions, handout materials, and food and beverage events on and off-site. Additional tickets may be purchased for only $20 per person for the Opening Reception, the President's Luncheon and the Thursday evening event for your spouse, guests or children over age 8.

ACCMA 2020 Winter Conference Registration

Non-member fees include annual membership dues.

Please check special events you plan to attend. Extra Event Tickets may be ordered for your spouse, companion/guest, and children over age 8.

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Visa, Mastercard and Discover Accepted

Provided that space is available, receipt of registration constitutes registration. Written cancellations, received fifteen (15) working days prior to the beginning of the program will be honored with a partial refund, but will be assessed a $50 cancellation fee. Due to conference commitments, late cancellations or non-attendance will not be refunded. Substitutions for registered participants may be made at any time.