Job Opportunities

Building Inspector/Code Enforcer -- Town of Summerdale
Closes 10/23/20

Job Announcement

Building Inspector/Code Enforcer


“TheTown of Summerdale is seeking a qualified individual to serve as its Building Inspector/CodeEnforcer.    Application and job qualifications can bepicked up at Summerdale Municipal Complex, 502 W Lee Ave, Summerdale, AL  36580 or at    Applications will be accepted until close of businesson October 23, 2020.  Summerdale is an EOE.” 


Purpose of Job

The purpose of this job is toenforce construction codes and ordinances and perform on-site residential andcommercial inspections.  Duties andresponsibilities include, but are not limited to, inspecting construction andreconstruction projects, maintaining files, reviewing permit applications,issuing citations, and performing additional tasks as assigned.  


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Inspect ongoing constructionand repairs or modifications for compliance with applicable codes andordinances; inspects existing structures for violations of safety or sanitationregulations, or when adopted codes and ordinance require an inspection. 


Notify contractor,subcontractor, engineer, architect or homeowner of code violations and discusspossible options to correct violations. 


Maintain files ofinspections, re-inspections, inspector notes and required reports; compilestatus reports on specific assignments, as requested. 


Respond to telephoneinquiries from citizens, builders, contractors and public utilities related tocode interpretation and enforcement. 


Schedule inspections to becompleted each workday. 


Responsible for notifyingperson or persons in violation of any Town Ordinance.  Re-inspects violations at the end of timeperiod set for compliance to determine whether the violation has beencorrected. 


Attend all necessaryeducation classes. 


Attend the Site ReviewCommittee Meeting and Planning Commission Meeting.


Performs other related dutiesas required. 


Internal Relationships

Reports to: Mayor and Council


External Relationships

Must be able to dealeffectively with private citizens, commissions, committees, consultants,contractors, and all other types of people and organizations having contactwith the Town.