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Director of Finance - City of Talladega
Closes - April 13, 2021






JobTitle:                    Director


Department:              Finance


FLSA:                         Exempt                                               Grade:11

                                                                                                SafetySensitive Job:           No

                                                                                                SecuritySensitive Job:        Yes


JobDescription Prepared:              June2017


Note:   Statementsincluded in this description are intended to reflect in general the duties andresponsibilities of this job and are not to be interpreted as beingall-inclusive.  The employee may beassigned other duties that are not specifically included.





Reportsto:                             CityManager


SubordinateStaff:                All DepartmentalEmployees


OtherInternal Contacts:     All CityDepartments


External Contacts:               General Public; City Council;County Administrative Offices; Banks and Financial Institutions; AlabamaDepartment of Revenue; Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA); AlabamaMunicipal Revenue Officers Association (AMROA); Tax Agencies; Consultants andContractors; Vendors; Auditors; Attorneys; Local Businesses; Accountants;Internal Revenue Service; Retirement Systems of Alabama



Job Summary


Under the general supervision of the City Manager thisemployee plans for, organizes, and manages the Cityís finances, supervises andadministers the financial aspects of payroll and benefit functions, performsInformation Technology functions, and maintains cash and General Ledger accounts.  The employee serves as the department headand manages the daily functions of the department and supervisesemployees.  Plans and coordinates theCityís annual budget and budgetary activities; ensures compliance of operationwithin the approved budgets.  Providesoversight and coordination, in cooperation with the Purchasing Director andCity Manager, of the financial activities of each City department.  Advises City officials regarding Cityfinancial matters.  Ensures compliancewith all federal and state laws with implications for municipal finance.  Ensures compliance with reporting and paymentof federal and state taxes and required retirement contributions.  Monitors compliance with City benefit andtime-reporting policy and external regulations such as the Fair Labor StandardsAct.  Performs first-level technicalsupport for workstations, servers, and network connectivity. This is a highlyresponsible job; latitude for making decisions is afforded this employee.  This job classification is identified assecurity-sensitive and is subject to a pre-employment background check.



Essential Functions


ESSENTIALFUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it isnot exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned.  A person with a disability which is coveredby the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaidedor with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Financial Management.  Manages the Cityís finances so as to ensurethat the City remains in solid financial condition, compliant with all laws,and in keeping with established and generally financial and accountingpractices.


1.           Oversees the daily operations of the FinanceDepartment.

2.           Maintains accurate records of revenuesand expenditures for the city as well as each City department in conformancewith state and federal requirements.

3.           Keeps the City Manager, City Council,and department heads up-to-date and informed as to the financial condition ofthe City.

4.           Attends City Council meetings to updateand report on cityís finances.

5.           Maintains a running inventory of allcity properties and assets.

6.           Generates monthly financial statementsfor department heads, the City Manager, and City Council.

7.           Oversees accounts receivable paymentcollections and receipts.

8.           Oversees accounts payable functions,ensuring that invoices are paid on time.

9.           Notifies individuals of returned checkson paid accounts; contacts the District Attorney if necessary.

10.        Performs cost analysis of benefits andcompensation; reports results.

11.        Signs off on checks written from theall cash fund.

12.        Ensures and facilitates daily bankdeposits into Cityís account.

13.        Prepares and maintains general ledgerentries to ensure proper distribution of City funds.

14.        Maintains fixed assets account; inputsand updates.

15.        Ensures purchase orders for departmentsare charged to the appropriate account.

16.        Generates end-of-the-year closingreports of the Cityís finances.

17.        Works with the Purchasing Department asneeded, in the writing of specifications for city bids for projects and neededassets.

18.        Maintains and secures financial files,documents, records, and reports.

19.        Prepares for audits.

20.        Generates, assembles, and providesfinancial data and information to auditors as required.

21.        Generates various financial reports atthe request of the City Manager, City Council, and department heads.

22.        Attends continuing education classes tostay up-to-date on laws, regulations, and accepted practices relating to municipalfinances.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: BudgetCoordination.  Engages the leadership ofthe City in preparing and managing an annual budget.


1.           Collaborateswith City Manager, department directors, and the City Council on preparationsfor drafting annual budget.

2.           Meets withdepartment heads to develop and plan for departmental budgets.

3.           Prepares and submitsthe Cityís general operating budget; submits budget to the City Council.  Discusses.

4.           Informs theCity Manager, Mayor, City Council and department heads of the Cityís monthly budgetstatus through financial reports.

5.           Works closelywith each City department on financial needs and available funds; works withthe Purchasing Department as needed.

6.           Keepsdetailed records of purchase orders and reconciles departmentís accounts afterpurchases are made.

7.           Performsend-of-the-year analysis of budget compared to actual amounts spent.

8.           Generatesend-of-year closing reports on budget for each department.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Payroll and benefit supervision andadministration.  Ensures pay packets,benefit changes, tax payments, and paid time off (PTO) balances are processedand recorded promptly and accurately.

1.   Ensures that accuratetime reports are received from each department.

2.   Checks timereports for compliance with City policies and FLSA regulations.

3.   Verifiesaccuracy of federal 941 reporting and payment remittance for each pay period

4.   Verifiesaccuracy of State withholding reporting and payment remittance monthly.

5.   Verifiesaccuracy of reporting and payment remittance to Retirement Systems of Alabamamonthly.

6.   Develops andimplements pay codes and deduction codes as necessary for accounting accuracy.

7.   Ensures thatpaid time off is accrued accurately for each employee according to City policy.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Information Technology Support.  Ensures computers, servers, and networkdevices function properly and server City needs.

1.   Installscomputer workstations and related equipment.

2.   Develops,promotes, and maintains security measures to ensure integrity of City networksand data.

3.   Evaluates ITinfrastructure needs and makes recommendations for improvements to the CityManager.

4.   Overseessoftware and hardware implementation projects; liaises with third-partyproviders.

5.   Ensuresredundancy and resiliency in City networks and data storage to minimize thechance of catastrophic failure.

6.   Resolvesminor issues with standard software and operating systems; escalates issues tothird-party providers as necessary.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Department Management andSupervision.  Ensures the appropriatefunctions or the department are carried out in a professional manner.


1.           Ensures compliance with laws andgenerally accepted finance and accounting principles as described by theGovernmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

2.           Ensures the department and work areasare secure, and that safety and security measures are in place and consistentlyutilized.

3.           Works with the HR Department to fill vacanciesas necessary.

4.           Participates in interviewing applicantsand selecting new employees.

5.           Orients and trains new employees.

6.           Manages and supervises the dailyoperations of staff within the Finance Department and ensures department rulesand regulations are followed.

7.           Ensures daily collections of revenue,payables, are correct and accounted.

8.           Receives and handles cash andpayments.  Secures monies.

9.           Ensures employees complete theirassignments accurately.

10.        Handles problems and concerns ofsubordinate employees.

11.        Delegates tasks to staff.

12.        Approves payroll and authorizesvacation time, sick leave, and compensatory time for Finance Departmentemployees.

13.        Performs annual performance evaluationson subordinate staff.

14.        Performs disciplinary actions in accordancewith City policies and procedures specifically, issuing corrections, conductingperformance counseling, issuing verbal and written reprimands, sendingemployees home on paid time for disciplinary infractions, and recommendingsuspensions or terminations to the City Manager.

15.        Receives, considers and addressescitizen complaints and problems with the City in concert with the City Manager.

16.      Evaluates completed work by financialpersonnel to ensure accuracy.

17.        Fills in for Finance Departmentpersonnel as needed.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: City and DepartmentOperations.  Supports the department andCity to ensure smooth operations.


1.           Represents the City in a positive andprofessional manner.

2.           Participates in special events andinitiatives of the City.

18.        Drives to attend meetings, makedeposits, meet with vendors, and conduct City business.

3.           Plans and conducts departmentalmeetings.

4.           Ensures employees participate inappropriate and needed classes and training.

5.           Ensures that the department hasnecessary tools, resources, and supplies.

6.           Prepares data, materials, and documentsfor presentations.

7.           Utilizes computers, specializedsoftware, and office equipment to accomplish required work.

8.           Performs other related work asrequired.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

(* Can be acquired on the job)


1.           *Knowledge of City and departmentrules, regulations, policies and procedures.

2.           Knowledge of governmental finance,revenue, and accounting, and its application to municipal government.

3.           Knowledge of accounting and general accountingprinciples as prescribed by the GASB.

4.           Knowledge of tax codes, federal andstate laws pertaining to municipalities.

5.           Knowledge and application of budgeting.

6.           Knowledge of audits and associatedprocesses.

7.           Knowledge of Fair Labor Standards Actregulations.

8.           Knowledge of appropriate payrollcontrols and related City policy.

9.           Knowledge of workstation and serveroperating systems

10.        Knowledge of common networking toolssuch as Active Directory and Hypervisor Manager.

11.        Math skills to provide accurateaccounting and financial reporting.

12.        Verbal skills to communicate with thepublic, elected officials, colleagues, and public officials in a professionalmanner.

13.        Typing skills to generatecorrespondences and reports. 

14.        Ability to maintain a safe and securework place and environment.

15.        Ability to utilize and apply GFOA andbest practices to the work environment.

16.        Ability to present information andtrain employees and others.

17.        Ability to multitask and prioritizework duties for self and others. 

18.        Ability to set department schedules andpriorities.

19.        Ability to prepare accurate financialreports and statements.  

20.        Ability to attend meetings and presentinformation on financial matters.

21.        Ability to advise on and to plan,develop, and enforce budgets.

22.        Ability to supervise the work ofothers.

23.        Ability to compile financial data ontospreadsheets.

24.        Ability to operate a variety of officeequipment such as calculators, fax machines, copiers, multi-line phones, andcomputers.

25.        Ability to attend classes for credentialsand continuing education.

26.        Ability to work independently.

27.        Ability to maintain confidentialinformation.

28.        Ability to be bonded.

29.        Ability to drive.



Minimum Qualifications


1.           Possess a bachelorís degree from anaccredited college or university in accounting, finance, or businessadministration; a masterís degree in finance, business, public administrationor related field is preferred.

2.           Five (5) years of progressive workexperience in accounting and finance with experience in management andsupervision; professional work experience in a governmental entity or thepublic sector is preferred; or any combination of education, training andexperience that demonstrates the above listed knowledge, skills and abilitiescommensurate with the requirements of this job.

3.           Possess a current and valid driveríslicense; and be insurable.

4.           Ability to achieve job appropriatecertifications and credentials through the GFOA within a designated period oftime following employment, and attend continuing education.

5.           Ability to travel to attend meetingsand training.

6.           Ability to pass a pre-employment backgroundcheck.



Physical Demands


The work is sedentary.  Typically, the employee may sit comfortablyto do the work.  However, there may besome walking; standing; bending; carrying of light items such as papers, books,small parts; driving an automobile, etc. No special physical demands are required to perform the work.



Work Environment


The work environment involves everydayrisks or discomforts which require normal safety precautions typical of such placesas offices, meeting and training rooms, libraries, and residences or commercialvehicles, e.g., use of safe work practices with office equipment, avoidance oftrips and falls, observance of fire regulations and traffic signals, etc.  The work area is adequately lighted, heatedand ventilated.





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