Job Opportunities

Government Relations Director - Baldwin County

Under administrative direction fromthe County Administrator, the Government Relations Administrator positionmanages government affairs programs for the Baldwin County Commission to ensurethe County’s interests are represented at the local, regional, state, andnational level.   In addition, this position promotes the strategies developedto carry-out the mission and vision of the Baldwin County Commission; andperforms related work as required.

This position requires driving as an essential function of the position. ForBaldwin County driving requirements, please see the following link: 
Driver Qualifications. Successful applicants must be at least 20 years old,insurable by the County’s insurance carrier, pass a criminal and motor vehiclebackground check and will be subject to a pre-employment drug test andphysical.

Essential JobFunctions

1. Develop and maintain contacts with legislators,elected officials, representatives of other governmental agencies, and otherlobbyists related to the County's legislative and intergovernmentalobjectives. 

2. Function as the County’s advocateon issues of legislative concern which includes consulting with contractlobbyists, County departments, and other government agencies seeking input fromappropriate County staff and providing information to management, the CountyCommissioners and to Legislators.
3. Monitor proposed legislative issues, bills, resolutions, ordinances, andmeetings at the local, regional, state, and federal level; analyze potentialimpact on the County’s operations and strategic goals and alert appropriatestaff of potential changes; request input from a variety of sources.

4. Promotes externally and internallythe County’s strategic plan including communicating the progress of meetingestablished goals and objectives.

5. Develop strategies to advocate, tocommunicate and to educate diverse audiences to understand the County’sposition on various issues and strategies to carry-out the mission and visionof the County Commission across multiple platforms, especially social media.

6. Assisting Commission members withpreparing for and/or participating in interacting with various forms ofmedia. 

7. Conduct research, collect data,analyze findings, prepare recommendations, and facilitate meetings/workshops insupport of assigned government affairs; assist in formulating the County’sposition on issues, and articulate the County’s position. 

8. Prepare complex technical reportswhich communicate goals, objectives, priorities, policies, workflow designs,and procedures that have department or county-wide impacts; summarize andreport results, findings, and recommendations. 

9. Periodically attend meetings ofcity councils, boards and commissions, legislative committees, advisorycommittees, government agencies, and other special interest groups. 

Education andExperience

1.    Bachelor's degree inpolitical science, public administration, business administration or a closelyrelated field AND five (5) years of experience in government affairs/relations,or as a management or policy analyst in a professional or government advocacyrole related to local, state, or federal legislative issues, or an equivalentcombination of education and experience. 

2.     Possess a validdriver’s license and be insurable by Baldwin County’s insurance standards.

Other Characteristics

1.    Willing to travel forthe purposes of professional development, meetings and as needed for BaldwinCounty Commission priorities.

2.    Willing to work overtimeas required and maintain a presence at the Baldwin County Emergency OperationsCenter as directed during an emergency event/activation.

Knowledge,Skills, and Abilities

(Any item with an asterisk will betaught on the job.)

1.    Knowledge of policies,practices, and procedures of Baldwin County including the Board of CountyCommissioners and other governing boards, organizational structure of BaldwinCounty government and operations, and services in relation to other governments,agencies, community organizations and citizen groups. 

2.     Knowledge ofpolicies and procedures of the Alabama Legislature regarding lobbying andattendance at legislative sessions, processes, and hearings. 

3.     Ability toformulate goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans. 

4.     Ability to developand utilize research material, spreadsheets, graphics, databases, and othercomputer applications to assist with analytical studies, reports, andprojects. 

5.     Ability tointerpret and apply statutes, codes, regulations, and policies pertaining tostate and local governments. 

6.     Ability to analyzecomplex issues, evaluate alternatives and make recommendations. 

7.     Ability to workindependently and exercise good judgment. 

8.     Ability and skillsto compile and analyze data. Prepare clear, concise, and accurate analyticaland statistical reports. 

9.     Ability and skillsto communicate effectively, prepare and present clear, concise, and accuratestatements and reports; be articulate and speak with confidence; make visualand oral presentations; tailor the message to the intended audience. 

10.   Ability to conduct in aprofessional manner in professional and social settings, especially whenrepresenting the County Commission.

11.   Ability to develop and maintaineffective, cooperative, and productive working relationships with thosecontacted during work including the media, elected and appointed officials,management, County staff, citizen groups and advisory boards, the generalpublic and others contacted.

12.   Ability and skills to understandcommunications across multiple platforms including social media.

13.   Working knowledge of generaloffice practices and procedures.

14.   Knowledge of computer softwarespecific to the assigned department/division.

Baldwin County Commission and BaldwinCounty Sheriff’s Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,national origin, sex, religion, age, marital status, disability, citizenship orveteran status in employment. It is the intent of the Baldwin County Commissionand Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office to guarantee equal opportunity to allowdisabled employees a bias-free work environment. Baldwin County Commission andBaldwin County Sheriff’s Office, upon request, will provide reasonableaccommodation in compliance with the ADA. Recruitment and selection processeswill grant equal opportunity for employment to qualified applicants and willnot discriminate on the basis of disability. Reasonable accommodation will beprovided upon request during the application, testing, and interview process.