Alabama City/County Management History

Pre-1970: Founded in the late 1960s as the Alabama City Management Association, the ACCMA is a professional organization, whose mission is to advance professional management within Alabama's local governments and to support the professional development of its members.

1975:  David Cobb, City Administrator, City of Marion and Earl Tisdale, City Manager, City of Auburn started a movement to revive the Alabama City Management Association. The first "exploration" meeting was held on June 5, 1975.  Fifteen appointed officials, ALM Director John F. Watkins, Dr. L. Franklin Blitz, University of Alabama, and ALM Staff members, Perry Roquemore and Gary Christian were present at this meeting. Members of the Organization Committee appointed in October 1975 were Chairman: Colonel  Tyron E. Tisdale, City Manager, City of Auburn; Members: William Watson, City Clerk, City of Brundidge; N.J. Bell, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, City of Montgomery; and Pat Vice, Administrative Assistant, City of Linden.  On October 17, 1975, a draft Constitution and By-Laws for the Association were presented to the Organization Committee members by Chairman Tisdale.  The Constitution and By-Laws were adopted on October 29, 1975 at the first Training Conference for City Managers held at the University of Alabama,

1997:  The AL City Management Association became the Alabama City/County Management Association.  Since 1997, ACCMA membership has grown from less than 15 members in 1975 to well 250 members in 2012.

ACCMA History provided by City Manager Emeritus, City of Auburn, Past President, ACCMA, June 9, 1997 and updated as needed.