2021 Winter Conference Presentations

2021 ACCMA Winter Conference

Planning for the Future in the New Normal

January 27-29, 2021

Thank you again for your participation at the 2020 Winter Conference.

Included below are digital copies of the presentations shared during the conference. We ask you to keep these for personal use only. Should you desire to use, alter or share, we respectfully ask you to contact the presenter to gain permission.

Lou Ialacci, Retired Chief Information Technology Officer, City of Montgomery
Phil Burns, COO, Shelby County

Small Cells Panel

Jim Meads , President/CEO, SAIN Associates
Richie Beyer, COO, Elmore County Commission
Tom Stackhouse, President/CEO, CAEC and Central Access 

Chris Conway, Public Works Director, City of Montgomery
Brian Gilhuly, CEO/Co-Founder, RePower South
Randy Lee, COO, Amwaste LLC

Alan Campbell, Executive Director, Shelby County 911
Ryan Farrell, Deputy Chief, City of Vestavia Hills
Tommy Hale, Battalion Chief, City of Vestavia Hills

Dr. Jonathan Fisk, Auburn University

ICMA Update
Nate Pagan, VP ICMA, City Manager, Owensboro KY
Randall Reid, Southeast Regional Director, ICMA