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The ACCMA would like to invite you and others in your organization to become a member and enjoy the many benefits available through the association including discounted registration for each of the two annual educational events. Eligible members include Regular Memberships (City and County Managers, Administrators, Assistant Managers, Assistant Administrators, Clerks, Finance Directors, Accounting Clerks, Personnel Directors, other administrative & assistant administrative personnel), Associate Memberships (Mayors, Council Members, Chairpersons, Commissioners, MPA students and professors from Alabama’s colleges and universities), and Businesses in good standing with the Association whose products or services do not compete with the Alabama League of Municipalities or the Association of County Commissions of Alabama. Membership in ACCMA for 2023-2024 is due on October 1st, 2023 and is delinquent starting November 30, 2023. Direct any questions regarding ACCMA membership to Matt Ulmer or Stefanie Delaney at 334- 844-4782.  

NOTE: Membership fees for ACCMA are used solely for the business expenses of the Association. ACCMA does not endorse any elected officials and does not make any contributions to their campaigns.


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ACCMA Membership Application

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