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Tuskegee - City Manager Position
Closes 7/5/19




City Manager – Position Profile


The City Manager is the administrator appointed to run the day-to-day operations of local government.  The City Manager manages city administration to operate in accordance to the policies set by the City Council.  The City Manager ensures all laws, resolutions, policies and directives are carried out.


Manager appoints, directs, disciplines and/or terminates dept. heads; directs activities of and counsels all department heads and other personnel in his/her jurisdiction.  Makes organizational recommendations to increase operational efficiency. Maintains clear and consistent communication with the City Council on a regular basis.


Serves as a city liaison with the community, state and federal agencies.  Investigates all complaints concerning the administration and operation of city services.  Advises council as to financial condition and needs of the city; and attends all council meetings.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Administers the policies of the City of Tuskegee Council, Code of ordinances of the City, and State and Federal laws pertaining to the City; ensures all laws, City ordinances, resolutions, policies and directives are carried out; directs the activities of all department heads; appoints, disciplines and removes department heads as necessary;  exercises control over all departments in existence and departments that they may be created in the future; makes recommendations to Council on the creation, consolidation and combining of offices, positions or departments of the administrative and operational departments of the City of Tuskegee.


Plans, organizes and supervises the operations of the City’s various department heads to ensure efficiency, economy and cooperation among departments and with other agencies, commissions, committees, etc.; investigates all complaints related to the administration and operation of the City government and services maintained or provided by the City; attends all meetings of Council with the duty of reporting any matters concerning City of Tuskegee affairs under his/her supervision or direction and to attend such other meetings of the City departments and officials as his/her duties may require.

Duties and Responsibilities (Continued):


Serves as a policy advisor to the Council and Mayor on needed revenues, laws, policies and administrative procedures of the City of Tuskegee; procure funds and submits plans to Council and Mayor for long-range improvements; represents the City of Tuskegee in public and professional meetings and other various activities; performs such other duties and exercise over other powers as may be delegated to him/her from time to time by ordinance or resolution of the Mayor and Council.  Monitors and evaluates all departmental reports and makes recommendations particularly regarding the City budget.  Maintain clear and consistent communication with the City Council on a regular basis.


Education & Experience


·       Master’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Urban Planning, or equivalent related field, (Preferred)

·       Have 5-7 years of progressive administration/management experience in governmental and/or financial management


Compensation & Benefits


·       Attractive health, wellness and retirement benefits

·       Generous vacation, sick leave, and paid holiday schedule

·       Salary commensurate with experience

·       Minimum starting salary is $80,000


*** The selected applicant is requested to reside in Tuskegee after one (1) year of employment.



How to Apply:


Resumes can be emailed to

Or Mail to:

City of Tuskegee

ATTN:  City Manager Application

PO Box 830687

Tuskegee, AL 36083-0687