Tools to Help Government Leaders Better Manage Financial Plans
Lunch and Learn Mid-May

What:      GovInvest is sponsoringCPE learning opportunity and lunch

Who:       Invite ACCMAmembers (specifically, those in the area)

When:     Mid-May ; 11:30 am to1:00 pm

Where:    TBD

Topic:      Update on Tools to HelpGovernment Leaders Better Manage Financial Plans 

Training Description: The pandemic caused local governmentsto be reactive focusing on short-term, annual reporting rather than long-termstrategic budget plans. This reactive approach creates inaccurate forecasting,cost inefficiencies and fails to prepare governments for future crisis at atime when fiscal transparency and employee impact is more important than ever.There are many funding options to address retirement system costs over the longterm. This educational session will discuss how some Alabama governments areapplying innovative tools and forecasting solutions to a changing world andbuilding upon their financial resiliency for 10, 20, 30 years ahead.